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Kickstarter Campaign FAQs

Thank you in advance for your support! Here are some frequently asked questions about the pre-ordering process. 

1.  What is Kickstarter?

  • Kickstarter is a platform that creators (like me) use to fund projects (like my book). Backers support projects by pledging money to creators in exchange for rewards

  • Each project has a set amount of money that creators hope to raise

  • Creators have a set amount of time to raise the funds to meet their funding goal -- If they do not reach their goal, all pledges are canceled! (So, If I don't meet my funding goal by August 6th, I get $0!)


2. How does pre-ordering the book on Kickstarter work? 

  • When you pledge money to my project, you will be pre-ordering rewards. Rewards vary, based on the amount that is pledged.

  • To pre-order my book, simply pledge any amount that includes my book as a reward! (The rewards that you will receive and the pledge amounts needed to get each reward is clearly listed on my Kickstarter page)

3. When can I purchase the book?

4. Where can I buy the book?

  • The book is available on my Kickstarter page

  • By making a pledge, you can pre-order your copy of the book, plus receive extra rewards! 


5. When will I get my copy of the book if I pre-order it (by making a pledge on Kickstarter)?

  • All books and rewards will be delivered by the end of September, latest, barring any unforeseen shipping issues.

6. I clicked the link to pre-order, but I don't see the project or any way to make a pledge to pre-order the book.


7. Can I share the link to the project with others?


8. I have a question that was not listed in these FAQs. How can I get an answer? 

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