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Be the Ultimate Explorer!

  • Purchase your very own passport booklet

  • Fill your passport with stamps as you complete each adventure

  • Collect postcards from each country Lola visits and mail them to your family and friends (or keep them to reflect on good times!) 


The Ultimate

Help your little ones to make their passports their own by filling in their unique information. Make sure your child is travel-ready by including his/her photo in the passport booklet!

Add to the fun by filling your child's passport with stamp stickers from the many interesting places that Lola Koala travels to!

Oh, and don't forget to collect postcards from each country too! They show beautiful pictures of the sites that Lola has seen, plus they come with neat fun facts that you can share with your little one! 

Lola Koala Globe

Click to see where

Lola has traveled to so far!

lola passport16 (1).jpg

Collect stamps & postcards along with me!

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